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Feels Like Home

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The Beat Museum here in North Beach is probably not worth a trip out of your way to go to (meaning it’s pretty lame). It’s close to City Lights though, which is worth your time and more.

They do have Dharma Bum shirts and “angelheaded hipster” buttons, which I thought were cool. It’s more of a shop than a museum, for sure.


City Lights Books

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I have very little idea what this post will entail.

Jack looks down from his perch on my wall, asking me why i don’t turn off the damn light and go to bed, i tell him, i’m writing, old fool, i put you up i can take you down

i missed two buses, walked in a circle, and lost the contents of my wallet but not my wallet or my library card, ate $5 chinese food, and absorbed City Lights with Tony

City Lights Books
a beacon among red lights
rooftops out the window
i read you Ginsberg
i saw you Sartre
you could not sneak past me
or the old beatniks smoking cigarettes outside
smoking their lives into ash and cinder dust
old people with tidal faces and glasses
young people laughing “sure”
he wanted edgar allen poe on his wall
i told him watch out he’ll twitch at 3am
down the street transamerica through me
where have all the flowers gone?
ritzy toasting blocks away
they think they have it all
but i have had the fuel of youth

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