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by Gregory Corso (excerpt)

The rain
How it rings
     the chopped streets
     the umbrellad bicycles
     the tires of cars
And the trees
How they terrace it
and the roofs
How they avalanche it
   So dark and so sog!
yet how lovely
          the feel of it
     and the sound!: Peet
   please pit peet please pit

On the Road Manuscript, #3

Originally uploaded by Thomas Hawk.

I saw it a month or so ago. It was spectacular, and the rest of the exhibit – information, photos, etc. were pretty interesting as well (there’s pictures of the real life characters of On the Road, a map of the journey, etc.). Check it out if it comes your way.

Photography prohibited, unless you’re awesome and sneak a camera in like this dude.

“On soft Spring nights I’ll stand in the yard under the stars –
Something good will come out of all things yet – And it will be
golden and eternal just like that – There’s no need to say another
– Jack Kerouac, Big Sur

Feels Like Home

Originally uploaded by aqui-ali.

The Beat Museum here in North Beach is probably not worth a trip out of your way to go to (meaning it’s pretty lame). It’s close to City Lights though, which is worth your time and more.

They do have Dharma Bum shirts and “angelheaded hipster” buttons, which I thought were cool. It’s more of a shop than a museum, for sure.

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